It is with great anticipation that I share with you the details of Jeremiah and Holly’s wedding. Their day was filled with precious moments that brought joyful and grateful tears to those in attendance. Clearly, Jeremiah and Holly love the Lord with all their heart as the ceremony overflowed with Christ-centered worship. Equally evident was the seriousness with which they entered into this marriage covenant.

The first order of business on any given wedding day, is to scout out the location and determine the quintessential spots for portraits. Corey and I knew that Jeremiah and Holly wanted to have a time of prayer with each other, prior to the ceremony. The challenge was that they did not want to see each other. Nevertheless, when we walked into the sanctuary where the ceremony was to take place, I knew we had found the site for this memorable prayer time. Holly’s Dad had built a cross for their ceremony. It was placed where they were to exchange their vows and was adorned with a breathtaking floral arrangement. This turned out to be perfect as the cross would take its proper place on their wedding day, and Lord willing, will remain there all of their days. Capturing unique moments like this remind Corey and I of why we love to do what we do.

The day, from beginning to end, was filled with many unforgettable moments including a gift that Holly asked their best man to deliver to her groom. The gift was a journal written by Holly, throughout her teenage years, to her future husband. Holly wanted Jeremiah to know that she had been praying for him since long before they were engaged. Jeremiah opened the journal and wept as he read. The words on those pages were powerful and the gesture of a young girl who knew that she would one day find the man that God had for her, touched him. Yes, it was another moment that I felt humbled to capture.

Needless to say, I kept a good supply of Kleenex with me. I was thankful for the wisdom of wearing a dress that had pockets! I also know that Corey and I will be reflecting on this day, for many years to come. I truly do have the best job ever.

I pray that these images paint a picture of the love that was poured out. It truly was a day that will never be forgotten. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Truex! May God bless your marriage abundantly.

Jeremiah & Holly Truex Wedding


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