I had the privilege of capturing Cassie and Tyler’s engagement session at Wegerzyn Gardens last week and I also have the honor of being the photographer for their wedding ceremony this New Years Eve! What a way to bring in the New Year doing what I love by documenting two people making a promise to each other before God, family, and friends. Not only do I get to capture their love story through my lens, but I also get to write today about a portion of their love story when Tyler proposed to Cassie.

On October 2, 2017, after a long and frustrating day of grad school, Cassie was looking forward to watching Tyler perform at a regular open-mic night with some of their closest friends. What Cassie didn’t know, was that Tyler had planned the most amazing proposal that was beyond what she could ever dream of. As he played, Cassie sang along to all the words of his original songs and thought about how proud she was of him. At the end of his set, he announced that he had one final song–a new song that was dedicated to someone who reminded him that no matter how tough life may get, they would always have each other. Then he said, “Cassie, this one’s for you.” Tyler then performed the most beautifully written song she had ever heard, and ended it with the lines, “Take this rose and come with me. Follow close don’t leave. Take this rose and come with me. Take this oath and marry me.” It’s safe to say that there were lots of happy tears.

What a proposal! Well done, indeed, Tyler! It goes without saying that we needed to incorporate Tyler’s acoustic guitar into their engagement photo shoot and I am so glad that we did! I was able to capture true dreamy moments between Cassie and Tyler as he strummed his guitar and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share a few of my favorite moments from their session.

Cassie & Tyler’s Engagement Session | Wegerzen Gardens | Dayton Ohio


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