One of the greatest blessings with what I do, is being able to serve a family who has been such a vital part of my life. This wedding is not one that I will soon forget…after all, God’s hand was all over it, from beginning to end.

The Venue

The venue, Creekview Barn, is owned and operated by the groom’s parents. Morgan and Alexa knew that Creekview Barn would be the perfect place to begin their lives together. As you can see, this venue was absolutely gorgeous.

Weather, Weather, Weather

When it comes to outdoor weddings, we must always be prepared for the unexpected. Sometimes it’s a stray duck who wonders through from a nearby pond or at others it can be the sudden and intense flight of a bumblebee. On this particular day, it was the weather. Storms were in the forecast. So, with a close eye to the skies, prayers were being said leading up to the wedding day. By God’s grace, we were actually able to complete the ceremony with only soft rumbles of thunder being heard in the background. Within minutes of the ceremony ending, we were running for cover. While pictures for this wedding were delayed, God’s timing could not have been more perfect. When the clouds parted, we were given the perfect setting, lighting and sunset. That and the fact that pictures were taken in the very yard where the groom was raised made for a treasured photoshoot.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed…

Every wedding has its own unforgettable touch. Many couples yearn to honor those who have come before them. In this wedding, three pieces were purposefully and stunningly used.

Morgan’s Pillow: When a family member passes away, couples find creative ways to incorporate their memory into the ceremony and wedding day. The groom, Morgan, lost his grandfather and Morgan had been especially close with him. Alexa’s stirring gesture was to make a pillow from one of his grandfather’s old shirts. The presentation of this pillow was quite emotional. Neither Morgan, nor his father, Derek, were aware of it. This gift is certain to become a family heirloom, cherished for generations to come.

Alexa’s Bracelet: Our bride, Alexa, insisted that the important women in her life play a special part of her wedding day. Alexa wore an elegant bracelet with three charms. One charm was a teardrop pearl made from the earrings that Alexa’s mother wore on her wedding day. The second charm was a little rose made from an earring that Alexa’s maternal grandmother once wore. The third charm was a mustard seed globe, made from an earring worn by Alexa’s paternal grandmother. This last charm was even more beloved as this beautiful lady was medically unable to attend the ceremony. In this simple way, Alexa honored the women who had poured into her and helped her become the woman she is today.

Alexa’s Veil: Artistic pieces make for the most sensational pictures. One such piece was Alexa’s veil. Alexa’s mother, Dawn, had worn a handmade veil on her wedding day, which her mother had helped her make. It seemed only fitting to continue the tradition for Alexa. Dawn made this piece and as you can see, it complimented the dress superbly.

These past months have been a blessing to us as we walked along side the Bride & Groom while they prepared for their wedding day. It was an honor to capture the emotions and details of the day that they had long prepared for. I couldn’t be more excited to share a few of those emotions and details captured at this precious wedding.


Make-up Artist: Make-up by Faryn

DJ: Rob Hammond’s Shew-sical Entertainment Services

Venue: Creekview Barn

Florist: Village Florist

Catering: Heritage Catering

Morgan & Alexa’s Wedding | Creekview Barn | Leesburg Ohio


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